Contap products are designed to simplify and enhance the sharing of your contact information. Our innovative digital business cards make exchanging details faster and more efficient. Just a quick tap on an NFC-enabled phone or a scan of the QR code will instantly open a link with your contact information for easy saving.


When someone taps your Contap product or scans its QR code, their phone displays a notification. Tapping this notification opens your contact information in their browser, with no need for extra apps.


For phones without NFC capabilities, the QR code on the card’s back ensures seamless sharing of your information.

No, Contap products don’t come with a monthly subscription. Contap NFC enabled card is a one-time purchase that allows you to use and enjoy Contap digital card. You can buy Contap digital card subscription in just 199/- per year. App will always be available for free on the App Store, Google Play, and App Gallery.

For businesses seeking advanced management features for teams and companies, Contap for Business is also available as an optional add-on.

Contap’s digital business cards offer an eco-friendly and cost-effective networking solution in today’s digital era. These products provide a convenient way to update, share, and exchange contact information. Professionals across various industries find them invaluable for streamlining connections.

Contap products utilize a smart chip to wirelessly share your information with NFC-enabled phones. When someone taps their phone against your Contap Smartcard or Smart Coin, their phone displays a pop-up notification. This leads them to your profile, where all your shared information is easily accessible.

Don’t worry about restricting your network to only those with compatible phones. Your Contap card includes a QR code option. People can simply scan this QR code with any phone, leading them to your profile within seconds.

The location of the NFC (Near Field Communication) antenna or NFC chip on an Android mobile device can vary depending on the device’s make and model. However, there are some common places to look for the NFC area on most Android smartphones:
Back of the Phone: Many Android devices have the NFC antenna located near the back of the phone, often around the center or slightly higher. Look for a small, circular or square area with an NFC logo.
Back Cover or Battery: In some older Android phones, the NFC chip or antenna may be located under the back cover or the battery. You may need to remove the cover or battery to access it.
Top or Bottom Edge: On some Android phones, the NFC antenna is integrated into the top or bottom edge of the device, near the charging port or headphone jack.
Screen or Display Area: Some high-end Android devices have NFC antennas integrated into the screen or display area. These phones allow you to use the screen itself to interact with NFC tags.
Front of the Phone: In a few cases, the NFC antenna may be located near the front of the phone, typically near the top.
Near the Camera or Rear Panel: Depending on the design of the phone, the NFC antenna might be near the camera module on the rear panel.
To use NFC on your Android device, you’ll need to enable NFC in your phone’s settings, usually found in the “Connections” or “Wireless & networks” section. Once NFC is enabled, you can bring your phone close to an NFC tag or another NFC-enabled device to interact with it

On iOS devices, you can tap an NFC card or NFC-enabled item on the back of the device near the top. The specific area for NFC interactions depends on the iPhone model. Here are some general guidelines for tapping NFC cards on iOS devices:
iPhone XS and Later Models:
For iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max, the NFC antenna is located near the top, just above the Apple logo on the back of the device.
You should tap the NFC card or NFC-enabled item on the upper portion of the back of the phone.
iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus:

On these models, the NFC antenna is also located on the back of the device, but it’s usually in the upper portion, near the camera.
iPhone 7 and Earlier Models
For older iPhone models, such as iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, and earlier, the NFC capability is integrated into the top portion of the phone, typically near the rear camera.
When using NFC on an iOS device, ensure that NFC is enabled in your device’s settings. To do this, go to “Settings” > “Privacy” > “NFC” and toggle the switch to enable NFC